Where it all began...

It's amazing what you can do with passion; it invokes a deep desire for change in one's life, and it tends to light a fire under your step in the direction of your dreams (if you let it, and if you stoke the flames). What's even more incredible - & so so necessary - is steadfastness in the direction of your passion. Had I not excitedly arranged the flowers for my own wedding a year and a half ago (with the help of my mom, sister & a few friends), I might never have known how enjoyable the floral design process could be; it is life-giving to take already beautiful pieces of creation and then displaying them together in an unexpected ensemble of desire/bliss/whimsy/I could go on.

"a bouquet is more than just a bouquet"

To keep things simple, a bouquet is more than just a bouquet - it speaks truth & beauty from the one who holds it. It's an accent piece to the love that is being witnessed on a wedding day. It's the deep-lined smile of the recipient on their birthday. The giggle of a small child as she twirls on the dance floor with her dad. It's more than just a handful of stems thrown together with twine; it's a hand-crafted, thought-out masterpiece of beauty - lovingly arranged to create a response, a soft utterance of joy... and I get to be a witness & participant to that on your big day!

I'm grateful to those who have supported this journey, this desire for deeper joy in my life. I'm incredibly humbled by my husband, family & friends (you know who you are) whose encouragement has carried me throughout much of this process! Thank you - most importantly - to the Lord for this passion, my desire to see others experience love & beauty in the little things.

Much love,

-Sarah Kaye

ps. This bouquet is from over a year & a half ago; I can't wait to see how the future of my floral design techniques continue to unfold!

**Photocred goes to the amazing M&Him: http://mandhim.com