.: Kaye Fleur Turns Three :.

"Do small things with great love" -Mother Teresa

This incredible image- and the images to follow- were all captured by the amazing  Erin Fraser Photography  for our three-year wedding anniversary.

This incredible image- and the images to follow- were all captured by the amazing Erin Fraser Photography for our three-year wedding anniversary.

Today marks 3 years that Kaye Fleur has been in business!!! This milestone also lines up exactly with my 3-year wedding anniversary to my amazing husband, Jason; our wedding was the first wedding I ever officially designed for, and it was in the company of my wonderful mother, sister and a few dear friends! The joy and excitement I felt on that day gave me the confidence to persevere with the dream of bringing beautiful floral elements to other weddings! And three years later- here we are!

So today-- I celebrate my marriage, and this surprisingly incredible business that has introduced me to so many amazing people! I love Love, and I believe in marriage! And it's an absolute honour to create beauty on such a powerful and life-giving day for so many others as well.

Top Five Life Lessons Relating to Marriage and Owning a Small Business:

1) It's not about you! But wouldn't life be 'easy' if we could just focus on ourselves and work to get what we want and what we need out of life? But that isn't where the fulfillment is, my friends! When you take your eyes off of your self (without neglecting self-care or degrading your own self worth in a relationship or in running a business, etc.), the beauty you can create is boundless! There is freedom in loving others well, and letting that be the driver behind what you do.

2) Relationships are an absolute must! Kaye Fleur wouldn't be what it is today without the incredible support of my husband! Seriously! Not only is it insanely convenient that my husband is a 6'7" hunk of a faithful man, but he's got a servant heart and a creative mind to boot! That's a triple-whammy, people. And I'm so thankful that he's sharing more of who he is in the designs and set-up on a given wedding day alongside me! -- On top of that, I've grown to really depend on and appreciate all of my vendor friends! Truly- you are all what makes or breaks my business, and I find deep joy in life when creating something amidst a larger collective of minds coming together as one.

3) Learning is a lifelong process! Thank you to my lovely family, friends, and clients who have trusted me to risk and design to my hearts content! Without your trust in my process this business wouldn't be what it is today. Seriously. Thank you thank you thank you! And without the trust of my husband in me, and in our marriage, we wouldn't be who we are as a couple today... I love you, Jason! I can't wait to see how our life, business, and family pursuits continue to bloom (heh) and evolve over time!

4) Just like marriage, there is so much beauty in every stage of a flower's life! The vision stage, the what if's, and possibility. The planting, the beauty of a seed, the start of a dream. The sprout, promise of continued growth, and commitment to fostering the development of something beautiful. The blooming romance and beauty of a flower that was carried and empowered into maturity! And finally- the aging, wilting and passing on of life through more seeds, to then starting the whole process all over again... so here's to dreaming, sowing, growing and hoping! It's all a beautiful cycle! And I get to live that with my incredible life partner, and with gorgeous flowers every day.

5) Life is short! So why not take risks? Let us be creators of kindness, peace and vibrance through our relationships, in our daily work and in our homes! Seize the day, my friends!

All the love and gratitude for where we've been, the life we're living now, and all the valley-lows and mountain-highs to come... I couldn't imagine adventuring through this crazy life with anyone but you, Jas. I love you.

~Sarah xx

Ps. A HUGE shout-out to Erin Fraser Photography for the immense gift of these unforgettable images of my husband and I. Your work never ceases to amaze me, and I'm so thankful for your friendship + wedding industry expertise! I look forward to all of the beauty we will create together in the future! xoxo